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Just a small reminder



Yoga trims you.

Lifting makes you look like you take up less space. 

Cardio keeps you health. 

Start doing all 3. 

Trust me on this. 

I once lost 30 pounds with lifting and cardio. I lost my current 30 with yoga and cardio and mild lifting. 

And of course, eat right duh. 

Oh fuck yeah.
I do cardio everyday and just started yoga tonight.
Need to start lifting for mad gainz

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Welcome to my mass-progress-tricks post

All of these pictures were taken within the same 5 minutes.

I want people to realize that photography is all about position and lighting. I’m sick of seeing comments on photos saying “I wish I looked like that” even on mine, because guess what? The person in the photos doesn’t even look like that. And chances are they took another 20 photos before they got the right one. Everybody thinks that just because it’s clear someone hasn’t used photoshop it must be the real thing. But if you look close enough, you can spot these little tricks.

We’ve all seen pictures like this, we’ve even taken pictures like this. But lets not skip meals and go for 3 hour long runs to look like a body you saw on tumblr which doesn’t exist in a sense. 

Things aren’t always what they seem.


Want to get fit? DO THIS every morning.

  • next time you want a cookie, eat a fruit.
  • need some chocolate? switch to dark, its way healthier!

small changes make a huge difference, you can do it!

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The Blogilates Fit Journal is finally available to purchase here!!! It comes with an exclusive 12-week meal plan (with vegan alternatives!) that Cassey developed with nutritionists from The meal plan alone is a $99 value, so at $30 the journal is a steal! :D

Learn more about this in Cassey’s latest video

The journal has been available for only a few hours but it’s been very well-received, it’s crazy!! So to thank everyone, I’m giving away 3 journals to three lucky bloggers! Get a chance to win a copy by reblogging this post! I don’t want to coerce anyone into following me so that won’t be required, just reblog this post. 1 reblog = 1 entry. Likes don’t count! You can reblog as many times as you want, but try not to annoy your followers too much! Haha.

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